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¡Estamos contratando! Deployment Engineer (Valencia)

Our client needs to hire a Deployment Engineer to the team. Being a technical thinker and self-starter, have a very strong work ethic and enjoy solving problems within a cross-functional team. In this role you’ll be responsible for the overall vision and product roadmap of the new products company will develop on the company Precision® platform.

As Deployment Engineer, you will be responsible for:

• Deploying company products on our clients’ facilities or on a virtual machine.

• Tracking and filing all the deployment actions done in our QMS software.

• Working with hospital IT teams to successfully configure and develop company

Precision® platform.

• Understanding behavioral and technical requirements specific to each client.

• Front line contact for problems and solutions with client deployment.

• Debugging solutions our Development Department have developed.

• Coordination with Clinical Applications team to develop understanding of

technical framework for onboarding clients, configure and deliver content to


Our ideal candidate shall comply with following requirements:

- Engineering Degree or System Administrator High Course (Grado Superior en

Administración de Sistemas y Redes)

- It Knowledge: demonstrated coding ability (i.e. Python, Matlab), database

experience (MongoDB), Azure, Node, Angular, Docker.

- Quality or work: Consistently provides the highest quality product or service.

Completes work accurately. Pays attention to detail.

- Ability to manage and prioritize your workload in a fast-paced, high-growth,

occasionally ambiguous environment.

- Strong problem solver and troubleshooter.

- Ability to work both collaborate and independently.

- Advanced level of English with oral fluency.

- Previous experience in Analysis or MedTech companies and start-ups

is a plus.

- Empathic, positive and proactive attitude, problem solving and critical thinking.

- Curious (never stops learning), team player. Proactivity.



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